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Yard Project 
Yard Project
We are going to be working on our yard this summer.
I'll keep some photos here of the progress.

08/01/07  Started staining the deck today. Railing is partly painted.
07/23/07  All the deck is down now. Still working on railing & balusters. I have assembled part of the patio furniture.
07/09/07  Roof is finished. I have started working on some of the railing.
07/05/07  Shingles are about 90% finished. I have put some paint on to test color.
07/01/07  Most of the roofing is on. I'm going to build the cupola on the top before I finish the shingles.
06/28/07  Roofing is partially on. Things should go a little faster when the rain stops.
06/24/07  Roof still isn't finished. I'm going to have to blame it on the rain!
06/23/07  Rain has really slowed things down. I was hoping to have the roof finished by now.
06/21/07  I have 2 to 3 hours a night to work on this so progress is going pretty slow!
06/17/07  Some of the weeds have been cut down.
06/17/07  The chain link fence has been taken down.